• Welcome

    Welcome to Nexus Eclat Honours Society. We are a non-governmental, non-profit organization that was established primarily to recognize the good in people and reward them accordingly for their varied services to humanity.

    One of the methods used for recognizing people is by presenting them with awards in recognition of their service rendered. To know more about our Awards Programs, go the Events Page.

    Another project we are in the process of making is, creating Who's Who books that will highlight prominent and distinguished people. To know more, go to the Who's Who Page.

    We are, also, creating a very exhaustive directory of all the Telugu Christians in the world. To know more about this, please go to the Telugu Christian Directory Page.

  • Our Portfolio


    Nexus Eclat Honours Society (Registration Number 915/2012) is registered under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act No. 35 of 2001. It is also registered in the State of Maryland, USA, as a Sole-Proprietorship.

    Nexus means the centre and Eclat means brilliant service. So our name conveys what we do. Our society is the centre that honours citizens who have given brilliant service in their particular field of influence. We strongly believe that human beings, who have given service beyond the call of duty, should be honoured and felicitated.

    It began in Maryland, USA, as a vision to enrich society by revealing noble citizens to the public. Since then we have been felicitating deserving citizens of the world who have gone beyond the call of duty in their service to mankind and society. We feel that people deserve to be recognized for their service. By felicitating them we are presenting them as role models of inspiration to the other generations so that future generations, too, might leave their mark in society. 

  • Our Aim

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    Nexus Eclat Honours Society aims at honouring citizens who have gone beyond the call of duty in their individual fields of activity and have provided service to society.

    We aim to honour these citizens by showcasing them to society; honouring them with Plaques given in recognition of their achievements; giving them Certificates of Achievement; writing about them in the prestigious book, NEHS Who's Who; and presenting them to society via the media.


  • Our Objectives

    1. To give local, national and international awards to deserving people.
    2. To publish various "Who's Who" books to identify and honour gems of society.

    3. To publish directories, family books and souvenirs.

    4. Vanity publishing and general publishing of books, magazines and newspapers for the enhancement of culture and knowledge.
    5. To run charity events and other vanity events.
    6. To run beauty pageants and contests.
    7. To promote national and global integration.
    8. To bring knowledge to rural and urban areas.
    9. To conduct cultural activities and health camps.
    10. To promote social works and activities for the betterment of people.
  • Commendation Letters

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  • The Advisory Board

    David Spano
    Mr. David Spano
    CEO, Dave's Automotive;
    Florida, USA
    Richard Larson
    Rev. Richard Larson
    President, Oakhurst Church Ministries; Virginia, USA
    Joe Philip
    Mr. Joe Philip
    President, Hope Charities;
    Maryland, USA
    Pete Hugh
    Mr. Pete Hugh
    President, Hugh Youth Ministries; Michigan, USA
    Mr. G. Sunil Peter
    Mr. G. Sunil Peter
    Retd. Gazetted Officer & Special Officer of TSCMFC; Secunderabad, Telangana, India
    Dr. A. Emmanuel Benjamin
    Dr. A. E. Benjamin
    Retd. Asst. Commissioner of Police & President of Baptist Church, Ramnagar; Hyderabad, Telangana, India 
    Mr. T. Samuel Jacob
    Mr. T. Samuel Jacob
    Asst. Director, Dept. of Mines & Geology; Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Bishop Dr. P. S. Jobs
    Bishop Dr. P. S. Jobs
    President, Church of Smyrna Ministries; Hyderabad, Telangana, India




  • December 10, 2015

    NEHS Award of Excellence

    Seminar on "Role of Individuals in the Social Development of India." On this occasion, NEHS will be awarding the NEHS Award of Excellence to deserving candidates.     ... read more.

    January 17, 2016

    NEHS Pride of India Award

    Seminar on "Development of Modern Society in India." On this occasion, NEHS will be awarding the NEHS Pride of India Award to deserving candidates..    ... read more.

    February 7, 2016

    NEHS Educational Awards

    These Award will be given to outstanding students, schools, teachers and management for their contribution to educational excellence.    ... read more.



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  • Who's Who Books

    Nexus Eclat Honours Society is breaking new ground in Christendom with the introduction of a NEHS Who's Who Among Telugu Christians. This book showcases distinguished Telugu Christians to the world.

    Who's Who Books

    There are many people who have contributed to society and the Christian world. They are the leaders and pioneers of the Christian society. They are today's heroes and tomorrow's role models. NEHS is proud to present these people in NEHS Who's Who Among Telugu Christians.

    Though we are currently involved only in this book, in the near future we will be making these Who's Who books for all communities as well.


  • Global Telugu Christian Directory

    We are extremely happy to announce that we have started the Global Telugu Christian Directory. This is a unique directory that has never been done before. By introducing this book, we aspire to unite all the Christians globally.


    This directory will be an online directory accessible to all at no cost. Everyone and anyone who is a Telugu Christian can register for free and participate in this novel venture to make the Telugu Christian community into a global village.

    The directory will be put up very soon. Please continue to visit this page for updates on when the directory will be put up.


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  • Contact Information


    USA Head Office:
            4902 Olympia Avenue
            Beltsville, MD, USA 20705

    India Branch Office:
     8-90/57/1 Dwaraka Nagar
            Phase II, Block 9
            Uppal, Hyderabad
            Telangana, India 500 039

    Phone: +91 8019335379